Transit bus on the roadway outside the Stamford Gateway building.

CTtransit bus passing the STC North State Street entrance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the STC Master Plan?

The STC Master Plan will serve as a road map for CTDOT to follow for the advancement of transformative improvements to the STC. This plan will represent the vision of the STC for the future and serve as a strategic outline for it becoming a best-in-class facility. The STC Master Plan will be the basis for developing items such as a prioritized capital improvement plan, operating procedures, budgets, and/or other regulatory documents.

The planning process includes an assessment of existing resources and issues, projections of future conditions and needs, and consideration of collective goals and desires. While the emphasis is on the buildings and infrastructure, it does not ignore the important social, natural resource and economic values of the community. The STC Master Plan is a method of translating the vision for the STC into specific actions.

How can CTDOT make use of its STC Master Plan?

The purpose of the STC Master Plan is to enable State and City officials to better manage change and to inform residents and businesses about the STC's characteristics, trends, and policies. The Plan will guide CTDOT and municipal actions, including the management of the transportation agencies serving the STC and the development of future improvements.

What does the STC Master Planning Process look like?

Step 1 is the identification of issues and opportunities, which includes collecting existing and projected data informed by stakeholder and public input.

Step 2 is the establishment of a transformative vision. The vision will aim to create a more engaging, convenient, safe, and aesthetically pleasing multimodal customer experience.

Step 3 is to propose concept plans. The concepts, for both the STC and Station Place, will be guided by the transformative vision and will be shared with the stakeholders and public.

Step 4 is the development of the final plan. It will incorporate findings, conceptual design improvements and recommendations, and order of magnitude conceptual level cost estimates to realize the STC's transformation into a best-in-class intermodal facility.

Who's involved?

Anyone who uses, lives, or works nearby the STC is encouraged to participate. If you are interested in the transformation of the STC to a best-in-class facility, your vision is welcome and wanted.

How can interested parties participate and learn what is going on during the STC Master Planning process?

Right here on! Visit the Get Involved page to find the Project's next community engagement event and/or public meeting survey, and view the STC Master Plan News on the homepage to keep up to date on the latest Project happenings.

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