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STC Master Plan

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is pleased to share the Stamford Transportation Center (STC) Master Plan:

Stamford Transportation Center Master Plan (PDF, 22.0MB)  NEW!

STC Master Plan Concept

The Connecticut Department of Transportation is pleased to share the Stamford Transportation Center (STC) and Station Place concept. On this page you will find renderings of the concept and associated descriptions. Feedback from stakeholders, including that received as part of the public involvement process, has contributed to the concept.

Station Place

The Station Place concept creates a well-organized roadway and an engaging public plaza that functions as an entrance to Stamford for those individuals connecting to vehicle pickup. A safer and more welcoming pedestrian and bicycle environment is also created through dedicated bike lanes and covered bike parking.

Bird's Eye View Facing East

Image 1

View to the east along Station Place.

This image shows the exterior of the STC in the center with a vaulted (rounded) roof with Station Place to the right, separated by a pedestrian plaza with direct access down to the Tunnel level for those individuals connecting to other modes of transportation. In addition to the direct pedestrian access to the Tunnel level from Station Place, there are also lanes for shuttles that serve the south side of Stamford to pick up and drop off on the Tunnel level through wider sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes and covered bike parking. A new TOD replaces the original section of the Station Place parking garage.

Aerial View

Image 2

Bike parking facility with direct access to path on north side of Station Place.

This image provides an aerial view of the STC, Station Place, and the surrounding streets, including North and South State Streets, with Washington Blvd. to the left and Atlantic St. to the right. On the far left is the newly constructed station parking garage. Traffic is one-way on Station Place to the west to Washington Blvd., and continues to be one-way east on South State St. to Atlantic St. North State St. also continues to be one-way west towards Washington Blvd.

Bird's Eye View Facing West

Image 3

Larger plaza area.

This image provides a view of the exterior of the STC looking west along Station Place from the existing parking garage above the pedestrian walkway that directly connects to the train platforms. The new lanes for the shuttles serving the south side of Stamford to the Tunnel Level of the STC are shown in the lower center of the image. A potential new TOD overbuild is shown on the far left of the image. The STC’s new Concourse Bridge, providing additional interior circulation space over the tracks, can be seen in the top center of the image.

View of Bike Access and Parking

Image 11

View of bike access and parking.

This image is looking east along Station Place with the STC building on the left, highlighting the new bike parking facility that is accessible via a bike lane on the south side of Station Place and a crosswalk.

Concourse/Waiting and Ticketing Area

The Concourse/Waiting and Ticketing Area concept enhances circulation and connectivity, improves ticketing and signage, provides new amenities, and enhances the overall customer experience.

View of Relocation of Ticket Office in Concourse

Image 4

Replacement of the ticket office with a new ticket kiosk on the west wall (looking towards the west).

This image is of the Concourse looking west, illustrating the replacement of the ticket office in the center of the Concourse with a new ticket kiosk along the west wall.

Exterior View of Concourse

Image 5

Exterior view with Concourse Bridge.

This image shows the STC from above looking west, highlighting the east side of the building and the new Concourse Bridge that extends the building to the east to provide additional interior circulation space above the tracks. It also depicts the lower pick-up and drop-off lanes on the Tunnel Level for shuttles serving the south side of Stamford.

Interior View of Concourse

Image 6

View of open mezzanine.

This image is a view of the Concourse looking east, showing the new, large train information board on the east wall and the higher vaulted ceiling. The new Concourse Bridge, extending the Concourse over the tracks behind the train information board to improve passenger circulation, can also be seen in this image.

Tunnel Level and Bus and Shuttle Area

The Tunnel Level and Bus and Shuttle Area concept improves the customer experience while creating efficiencies for operations and public safety personnel. The concept also improves access between the bus bays and rail platforms.

Interior View of Concourse Hallway

Image 7

View of the Tunnel Level from the Bus and Shuttle Area.

This image is of the interior of the Tunnel level facing towards the new extension to Station Place and features new restrooms on the right side. The space on the left side can be an office for the MTA Police or used for other station purposes.

Interior View of Customer Waiting Area

Image 8

View of expanded Bus and Shuttle customer waiting area.

This image shows the interior of the expanded bus and shuttle waiting area, looking towards the shuttle van boarding area. The space includes new indoor seating with the potential for a food service vendor, with direct access to the buses and shuttles.

View of Bus Bay Access

Image 9

View of bus bay enhancements.

This image illustrates upgrades to the CTtransit bus bay waiting areas. New electronic departure screens are provided at each clearly marked bus bay, with new sheltered seating space also at each bay. New, brighter lighting extends across the ceiling.

Aerial View of Covered Bus Bays

Image 10

Aerial view of bus bays.

This image is an aerial view of the bus and shuttle area looking through I-95. On the right, new bus bays are immediately outside the Tunnel level, providing direct access into the building without having to walk out to North State St., with MTA Police and other vehicle parking being relocated, as well as limited station employee parking on Guernsey St.

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